DIY Month at a Glance Calendars

I finally finished the month at a glance pages for my 2016 planner and I absolutely love how they turned out.

I did the first page of the two page 12 month calendars weeks ago.  At first they seemed tedious and I wasn’t sure if I would finish them.  But after weeks of working on them here and there I finished half of it.  It took me another week or two before I even tried to start on the other half, and guess what I finished it in one setting.  What I did different this time was use a big block of time I had before work, 2.5 hours, when I didn’t have my toddler and sat at Starbucks.

This is also the reason why the pages look different washi tape wise and I like it like this.  I kept the stamp and ink pads the same on all the pages to give it a set type look but then changed up the washi tape from page to page to give it a more individualized look.







Also if you would like to make some of these on you own, here are the dimensions of the pages and the boxes.



Click the image to make it bigger and if you have any questions on the dimensions or anything else just leave me a comment below and I will get right back to you.

You can use this DIY post I put together for these daily pages here as a guide on how to best make these.  You can also see here how I decorated my daily pages here.

After completing these pages in one setting, I thought maybe I could offer this whole homemade planner in my shop as a subscription to five people; I would love to do more if I see that a lot of people are interested but I want to make sure I put in the time and effort needed into each one so they are of the best quality.  The subscription would also include daily pages for each month, dividers for each month, all hand stamped and washi taped by me!

What do you think?  Is this a type of subscription you would like to buy into?  Do you have a subscription product of your own?  I would love to chat with you to get some advice!

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