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Older Than the Stars (Children’s Book Review)

We go to the library at least once a week and we read at least one story a day.  I rarely read a children’s book that I don’t like but it’s even more rare for me to read a children’s book and fall in love with it.

I fully believe in the Big Bacng and Evolution and this children’s book “Older Than the Stars” written by Karen C. Fox and illustrated by Nancy Davis explains it all in a way that children, and even adults, can understand.  Karen uses repetition to help children learn how the world came to be, how you and I came to be.

Written by: Karen C. Fox Illustrated by: Nancy Davis
Written by: Karen C. Fox
Illustrated by: Nancy Davis

First Karen gives the reader the first step of many in the process of how the world began, “This is the BANG when the world began.”  Then she give you more detail and more facts on that event.  The comes the next event followed be more details/facts and so on.  All the while she keeps repeating the current event along with the previous events in this sing songy type rhythm that helps the reader to remember the events.

This book can be used as a tool in a science project on evolution because it gives you all the information but it is broken down so you can understand one part before you move on to the next.

Nancy Davis did a wonderful job on the illustrations.  The pictures are fun, bright, colorful and educational.  This book is readers of all ages.

I read it to my 20 month old toddler who loved the rhyme and the pictures and to my six year old son who loved the rhyme and the pictures as well as the information paragraphs; he really enjoys facts and learning new things.  We will definitely be rereading this book in the near future.

what great children’s book would you recommend?  Got any book reviews on them?  Please feel free to post a link in the comments below.

One thought on “Older Than the Stars (Children’s Book Review)

  1. Hi. My favourite books when i was a toddler were all the picture books by Julia Donaldson ( the Gruffalo being her most famous I think) i also loves barry the fish with fingers book series and Aargh Spider. Loved loved those books. Me and my brother still read them with my Mum. Such fun. 😄


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