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Scrapbook Saturday

Last weekend I got my first tattoo and although it hurt a lot I hope to get more.  I have always loved tattoos but have just been too afraid to get any.  My husband said he was going to talked to this new tattoo shop he found in out neighborhood about pricing on a new tattoo (he already has like six) and I joked around saying he needed to get me one first before he even talked about getting another one.

Next thing I knew I was on a table getting my kids’ names tattooed on my shoulder.  It hurt bad and still does a little mostly itchy, I will share more pictures once it is fully peeled.  but because this was a new and big experience for me I had to scrapbook a page about it.

I kept it simple and let my writing (more journal style) tell the story along with my collage of 3 pictures taken while I was in a lot of pain.  I got four new rolls of washi tape and used three of them here, they are my new faves.  All other products used here are from my Happy Mail and Messy Box subscriptions, you can get both here at abeautifulmess.com.


Do you have any tattoos?  How many and do they hold meaning to you or are they just random ones from the wall or book in your tattoo shop?

11 thoughts on “Scrapbook Saturday

  1. Amazing. I love tattoos. I have two small tats, myself. I did get them both from off the wall, but the symbol behind both of them mean everything to me. I have one on my ankle that I got the day I turned 18 and then the other is on the back of my neck that I got when I turned 21. Each of those birthdays were important, not just as the social stigma attached, but because of my own personal life changes I had to overcome. They’re my own symbolic trophies. I too hope to get another one, it’ll probably be my last, that’s bigger. It will be of greater importance. Another trophy in my life journey. (^_^)

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  2. Never thought of it that way. Just because you picked it out at the shop doesn’t mean it holds any less meaning to you. Do you really think your next one will be your last?


  3. Ah, the excitement of the first tattoo! I’m on my fifth…no wait, sixth tattoo and of course there will be more. I have several ideas, I just need the money xD Some are just things that look nice, like the dragon on my foot or the raspberries on my shoulder but others have meaning. I have one on my right arm of the famous quote by Carl Sagan ‘we are made of star stuff” that represents my love of science and cherry blossoms on my left collar bone/shoulder for my interest in Japan. But in a sense, even the ones that I got by not really planning and just going in and telling my tattoo artist that I wanted a dragon on my foot have a meaning – they represent my interest in body art and are a way of expressing myself.
    Also, nice scrapbook layout 🙂


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