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Elementary School Days

Jordan has been going to camp for two weeks now and he loves it.  Almost everyday he runs right in without saying good bye I usually catch him before he gets too far but this morning he was gone without so much as a peep.  When I called him back he was too far to hear me.  I am a little sad that he didn’t even want to say bye, but then again what parent wouldn’t be even happier that their child is loving the summer camp they are in.  It makes working so much easier.

The only problem he has had so far is that he can’t swim.  He hates that he has to stay in a designated area and wear a life vest.  We will definitely be giving him swim lessons next year that way if he does camp at the Y again he will enjoy the swim week and swim days much better.

Thsi weekend was also his birthday, yep he is a Fourth of July baby.  He his now 7 years old and he looks it.  Just over night he just grew up so much but he is still and always will be my baby even if he feels too old to give me a kiss in public.  His party is next weekend and he is so excited to have a day all about him and it’s at the pool so he can do his favorite summer activity.


Are there any other readers with holiday birthdays?  Or do your kids have holiday birthdays?  How do you go about planning a birthday party?  We have always done our son’s birthday party the following weekend.  It’s just too hard to go to family BBQs, see fireworks, and make sure everyone is available for his birthday party.


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