Planner Week 26

This was a busy week and I could slowly see my house going to shit.  We tried to stay on top of the kitchen during the week and I try to spend at least an hour that turns into two hours cleaning the whole apartment.  I hate it but the feeling I get when I am done just makes the hard work worth it.

After I spent all Friday afternoon cleaning I was rewarded not only with a clean house but a movie date night.  My husband took us out to see San Andres, while his sister watched the kids.  The movies seemed long as hell (the lady next to us feel asleep) but it was pretty good.  The Rock played a helicopter rescue worker who ended up having to rescue his own family after/during multiple earthquakes that hit San Francisco, this in turn brought his family back together.  Even though that part was predictable watching it all come together was very enjoyable.

The next night we had another kind of date night, my husband and I got tattoos and no they are not matching.  He got IDGT (I don’t get tired) on is right wrist and I got Morgan and Jordan’s names on my right shoulder.  You can see pictures here.  This was my first tattoo and let me clear things up for people who would like to get one.

First of all it hurts the whole time unless you know you can sit through the feeling of being burned, you better prepare yourself somehow for the pain, my sister recommended bringing headphones to focus on something else.  Also it hurts off and on for at least a week especially when someone even thinks about touching it and that’s not all it itches the whole time too but you can’t scratch it.  Even though it hurt and annoyed me for over a week I would still like to get more.

There was a pretty bad storm early in the week both tornado and flood warnings.  Thankfully nothing hit where my family and I were but it sure was scary.  Hello tornado season.

Lastly, I got back into cross stitching and will finally have great progress pictures for you guys.  You can see the latest one here.



Full week but I loved it all!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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