Intricate Eggs

I got these geometric/kaleidoscope type coloring pages a long time ago (and yes they are mine, coloring can be very relaxing).  Anyway I found them again and can’t wait to start a new one and then go back and finish up some old ones.



I use these Paper Mate Flair Medium marker pens.  The fine tip fits into small areas and since they are more like markers it doesn’t take forever to color in the bigger areas.  This set came with a great selection of bright colors.  I love coming up with cool patterns using color that go well together but sometimes I liked to just grab random colors, the possibilities are endless.

Paper Mate Flair M
Paper Mate Flair M

I have some that were already finished and am wondering what can I do with them.  One ideas was to use them in my new planner but I am not sure how.

An old one I did when I first got this book
An old one I did when I first got this book

Are there any other adults who like to color?  I am not talking about just with the kids, I mean during your own adult free time.

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