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Hope (Five Minute Friday)


I hope my son’s birthday party goes just as well as his others have or even better.  This will be the second time we have done all the work, the planning, the hosting and when it comes down to the wire I get a little stressed out.  I know my son is 7 and my daughter is almost 2 but we have always had help with the birthday parties, but now we want to do it on our own.

We still have help from the grandmothers.  They help with the set up, they help keep the kids entertained, they help with the clean up, and we appreciate it all.    But ultimately we pick the food, the venue, and the time line that the party will flow to.

This year with are having a BBQ/pool party.  So it will be very easy to pull this off.  All we need to do is cook the food and call the kids up when it is time to eat.  I will probably be in charge of watching the kids at the pool while my husband cooks.

Again Happy Birthday Jordan I Love You.



10 thoughts on “Hope (Five Minute Friday)

  1. Hope you have a wonderful party! My son is a winter baby, so coming up with ideas for indoor fun gets to be a challenge. BBQ and the pool sounds like a winning combo!


    1. I guess we are pretty lucky. I have a winter birthday and I remember getting a bike one year that I couldn’t even ride for months because there was a ton of snow on the ground. It’s easy to pick gifts for a summer birthday we get a lot of outside toys/games we can do as a family or he can play with his friends.


  2. Visiting from five minute friday 🙂

    I’m sitting here trying to remember what it was like being 7 yrs old. I can’t, lol. I’m praying Jordan is surrounded in God’s love. Through friends & family, and probably lots of cake and ice cream 😀

    You should probably have an extra helping of cake while watching all the crazy, explosive joy from those kids 😉

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    1. Thank you for the kind words. I dont really remember when i was 7 either, I really wonder what is going through his head sometimes.

      I will definitely give myself a little more sugar to help me get through a day full of loud laughing and sreaming. It is such a wonderful sound but it’s still loud lol.


    2. The cake was great and definitely perked me up a little. I had a huge headache but everyone including we was having such a great time I didn’t even mind.

      Also I just may ask him what he is thinking but sometimes I am afraid of what he might say.


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