Zendoodling Again

As I have been making my 2016 planner that features extra room for doodling, which doesn’t help me know, I just had to start doodling again, now not later.

I love watching the page fill up as I come up with different patterns or practice some of the ones I have seen on Pinterest.

It is such a quiet stress free activity.  There is no deadline; I can finish whenever I want or think it is done, it doesn’t have to be perfect; this drawing is for my eyes only and your I guess because I am sharing it with you, and I can do it while I watch TV or while the kids are playing together; even if I don’t give it my full attention it still turns out good and even if no I can always just draw over it or take it as a learning experience.

I took a bunch of pictures as I filled in this page.  Enjoy and I hope to share more soon.




On this day I was drawing while the kids played board games with their aunt



This is my favorite part it looks like dandelion fluff
This is it all completed. I love how it turned out and and fun watching it grow while I learned/practiced new technics and designs!!!!

Do you zentangle or zendoodle?  I would love to see some of you work or if you have any tutorials you can post a link in the comments below.


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