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DIY Crochet Headband

I still have crochet fever and have made something again.  This time I made something for myself.  I made this super cute grey and navy blue headband (you may remember these colors from the blanket I crocheted for Jordan).  This headband will be great for those days that I deep clean the house, it can act as a sort of sweat band.  This headband will also come in handy during the fall and winter months because it cover my ears.


I did make a sort of modification or rather fixed a mistake I made.  The navy blue piece was supposed to be used to tie a knot in the front of the headband but it was not as long as it needed to be, so I just wrapped it around the headband and sewed it down.  Even though it does not look like it is supposed to I think it is still pretty cute and in the future if I decide to try it again I will know what adjustments I need to make to make it look just like the picture.

As usual I have these in my shop if you would like one like mine or if you crochet and would like to try out the pattern you can try it for free here, and let me know if you had any trouble with the size of the knot piece as well.

What have you crocheted lately?  I need some ideas I want to make something else.


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