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One Foot Two Feet a Children’s Book Review


One Foot, Two Feet” by: Peter Maloney and Felicia Zekauskas is a great book for young children because it teaches them not only the numbers 1 through 10 but also 10 common irregular plural nouns. The younger the child the belter this book becomes because they are just learning the English language and your not working to correct how the have been putting words into their plural form. The English language is a very difficult one to learn. Our words and spelling Come from so many different Country that there really is no set rules to how to spell any of our words, especially in the plural form. Get your child to practice with these 10 and find more books like this to help with other words that are exceptions to the “rule.”

Working on it now helps your child to build the skills needed now to become a better reader, writer, and speller in the future.

This book also features a little game you and your child can play as they get older. On each page there is a flying plane to find, also see if they can spot the hidden numeral.

I love the lesson this book teaches and all of the fun activities listed on the back (or you can make up your own) that you can do with you child. I am thinking about putting together a weekly lesson for Morgan with this book.

Have you read this book to your child before? what are your thoughts on this book? what else have you and your child been reading lately?


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