Elementary School Days · Holiday

Elementary School Days

We just wrapped up Jordan’s birthday party and I must say I am tired.  We live on the third floor and I was constantly running up and down back and forth bringing food, drinks, the cake, and finally Morgan up for her nap.  Not to mention the hot sun, talking and laughing with family and friends, and dealing with a cranky toddler, but I can say this I am sure Jordan noticed none of that he was having such a good time.

The pool was closed again but we made it work by bringing down some outside games/toys the kids could play with.  We ate, had cake, opened presents and wrapped it up…at least I thought we did.  Jordan immediately wanted to spend his birthday money/money he made selling old toys (I felt obligated because he is the birthday boy), we needed a gift for my sister-in-law who was having a birthday party the next day, and we took Jordan to an Urgent Care to check on his eyes, basically he has a cold that is draining through his eyes; gross I know.

It was a long day but I can’t say any part of it was terrible, I hope Jordan feels the same way; actually I know he does.  He wrote a note on his new art toy he got from my mom saying he liked his birthday and he loves us.  Jordan’s favorite gift would have to be the Skylanders games and figures he got from my husband and I and the my sister and her girlfriend showed us up by getting him the previous 3 games and figures for each game.  My favorite gift that he got would have to be the clothes he got from my mother and sisters-in-law, they have great taste.  What a thankful kid, of course he could have said it to our face but hey whatever I will take what I can get.


my son loves math so I put a math problem on his cake
my son loves math so I put a math problem on his cake

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