DIY No Sew Summer Shirt Alterations

Do you have shirts that no longer fits you because it is are too big or has stretched out over the years? I do, I still have shirts that I bought when I was pregnant with my daughter, they aren’t maternity shirts just baggier style shirts. They were cute on me when I was pregnant, but now they just look like I am wearing someone else’s clothes.

If you are like me, you don’t want to toss them out. The shirt is still cute and I like the colors, plus I have only worn it a few times I want to get my monies worth.  So I decided to turn this baggie t-shirt into a fitted tank top, I also wanted to avoid using my sewing machine.  I have put together this super simple DIY that anyone can do to turn that baggy t-shirt into this cute summer style tank top.

Plain old baggy shirt
Plain old baggy shirt

• baggie t-shirt
• scissors
•fabric paint
• old card
• screen printing stencil or stencil

1. Slip your shirt onto a table so it lays out flat and the Front and back of your shirt aren’t touching. You could slip your shirt onto an ironing board but lay paper down first so the paint does not leak through Your shirt and On to the board.

2. Peel off your screen printing pattern (I used this Cute pineapple that I got in my messy box last month) and place it on your shirt anywhere you want (I did a row of pineapples along the bottom of my shirt).wpid-20150716_215115.jpg

3. Squeeze Out some fabric paint of your choice along the top of the screen. Using your old Card scrape the paint down over the whole screen, adding more paint as needed until the whole screen is filled in. If you use a stamp simply dip your stamp in a light amount of paint and stamp anywhere you want on your shirt continue this process until you have your desired look.

4. With the Screen print You want to wait about 5 minutes for the paint to dry a little before peeling it off and placing it somewhere else. If you don’t wait paint may drip onto other areas.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you reach your desired look.

6. Let the shirt dry over night.

Now for the alterations:
1. Using Sharp scissors cut horizontal Stripes down the back of your shirt from the top of your (be careful not to cut the Sleeves) to the bottom.wpid-20150623_101711.jpg

2. Cut thoes Stripes vertically from the bottom to the top of your shirt down the middle.

3. Put the shirt on backwards and begin tying the strips back together. You want to wear it while doing this step to make sure the shirt will fit you just how you want.

4. Turn the shirt around to see how it looks. During this step I realized that the shirt was still too baggy around the neck line and that I didn’t want to keep the sleeves.wpid-2015-07-16-21.14.43.jpg.jpeg

5. I cut off the sleeves on the outside of the seam.

6. Then to tighten up the straps I cut thin vertical strips that I cut horizontally about one fourth of the way from the bottom. Then while wearing the shirt I tied it back together.

Once you are done you are going to want to wash it before you wear it. My shirt came out just fine and in fact has been washed and worn 3 times already. I did not dry my shirt though.

If you have any DIY no sew shirt alteration posts I would love to check them out please leave a link below. Also if you do this one I could love to See a before and after picture.

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