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Scrapbook Saturday

I am finally getting around to scrapbooking Father’s Day. My husband asked why didn’t I do a page for Mother’s Day; I had to remind him we were all sick with the Flu that weekend. At least we were together.

So I am still doing more journal style pages, I think it helps to document the event better when I use more of my own words.


Every year on Father’s Day and my husband’s birthday we go out to dinner and he gets to choose where we go (he loves seafood and Mexican food we do not).  This year we went to Pappadeaux’s. They have this wonderful/relaxing outside waiting area. It is huge with plenty of seating (big comfy couches), beautiful flowers, water fountains, and giant goldfish in their big pond. Inside, to me, was like any other restaurant, tons of crap on the wall. We enjoyed our meal and even got dessert all while laughing and talking with each other.

I used this cute event journal Card for this page.


Sticker words and phrases.




And these cute circle stickers


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