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DIY Ribbon Paperclips

I know these are pretty much everywhere but because this is my first time making them I wanted to share them here with you, and as always you can make than yourself or get some in my shop along with the other planner related item, the colorful set of 12 monthly dividers are still available.

I already had some ribbon and colorful paperclips on hand for this cute little project but I also wanted to pick up some more ribbon with coordinating colors. I chose silver and gold that is either paired with white or black.

I already use paper clips in my blog notebook to mark what editing stage each post is in but they were in no way distinguishable, now they are.  No ribbon means I still need to write the post.  A ribbon means I typed the post but still need to add links and/or pictures.  I also made some big ones (the little ones are used in my blog notebook) to use as bookmarks in whatever novel I am currently reading.

Now for the how to.  I have two for you today and will come back to do a DIY post on the one I came up with on my own.

Thin Knotted Ribbon Paperclips


• Ribbon
• Paperclips
• Scissors

1. Depending on the size of your paperclip and your preference cut 4-6 pieces of ribbon.  I gauged how long I needed the ribbon to be by folding some ribbon over the paper clip until it reached my desired length. I cut just a little bit more than I had measured to account for the knot.  Using that piece as a guild I cut 3 more.

2. Thread the ribbon through the top of your paperclip (the side you will not be using to hold your papers together).

3. Simply tie a knot or two, again depending on your preference and the type of ribbon (some may knot better than others).

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have reached the desired amount of ribbon on your paperclip.

Now you can make as many as you think you need (which in my case was way more than necessary).

Thicker Ribbon Paperclips


• Ribbon
• Scissors
• Paperclips

1. slip the ribbon through the top of the paperclip, fold in half to the desired length making sure to cut a little extra (more so this time) to account for the knot.

2. Lay the ribbon across the top of your paperclip design facing up.wpid-2015-07-14-21.05.06.jpg.jpeg

3. Slip the two ends of the ribbon through the middle of the paper clip.wpid-2015-07-14-21.05.42.jpg.jpeg

4. Tuck the two ends under the ribbon you laid across the top.wpid-2015-07-14-21.06.11.jpg.jpeg

5. Pull tight and straighten it up if needed So the design side is showing.wpid-2015-07-14-21.07.14.jpg.jpeg

Enjoy these DIY paperclips and stay tuned for a DIY on an original (at least hope so) ribbon paperclip tutorial!

Have you made these ribbon paperclips before? Do you have some other DIY paperclip tutorials? Please share your links, comments, or questions in the comment section below!


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