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10 (Five minute Friday)

10 Reasons why I love Being a mom:

1. I am never bored – there are always fights to break up, something to clean, food to make, laughs to be had, and the count down to bed time.

2. Extra minds to hold information, I am the most forgetful person in the world if it weren’t for my son I would be, lost that kid remembers everything.

3. Free entertainment these kids kill me they are just so funny and they don’t even have to try.

4. Love when I need it most, having a bad day just sit with your kids for a few minutes and they will cheer you up even if they are the cause of your bad day.

5. An excuse to shop kids have the cutest clothes and can be pretty cheap if you know where to shop also who doesn’t need a little retaile therapy every once in a while.

6. speaking of shopping when it comes to Mother’s Day and my birthday I have two extra people to get me gifts.

7. I always have someone to talk to. I make sure to ask how their day went, I even ask how the slept most mornings.

8. Great idea makers. My son comes up with some of the best craft ideas and ideas on what to do, sometimes I just have no clue what we should do it is hard to keep everyone entertained 365 days a year.

9. Someone to go see kid moves with. I love kid movies, with their hiden adult jokes, as much as adult movies but I think its weird to go to kid movies without a kid.

10. My children make me a more caring person. You don’t want your kid to be that mean kid no one wants to play with and what better way to teach them to be a nice caring person than to be one yourself (lead by example).


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