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Planner Week 28

This was a slow relaxing week, I had Wednesday- Friday off, but by the end of the week I had a major headache. I love to be at home crafting, cleaning, and watching TV but the more I stay at home the more likely I am to get a headache and the worse it gets over time. But I should be back to normal by Monday, I have a full work week ahead of me.

Morgan and I had fun the first two days we were off playing/crafting together and she even helped me clean a little. Friday she went to her grandmothers house for the day so I got a lot of quiet time, but that was also the day that I had the worse headache.

I got a lot of stitching done in fact I finished page 11 as well as finised up 3 old projects I started moths ago, and I did a little blogging.

I also made a little money, that will actually go to the kids. I sold an old baby chair of Morgan’s and a bunch of Jordan’s animals on this app called Offer Up. They of course already spent it. Morgan got too puzzles and Jordan got more Sky Landers.

This was also the week of Jordan’s birthday party. It went so well even though the pool ended up being closed. The food was good, my husband cooked it all. The cake was great, I love the cakes from King scoopers and of course we put a big picture of sky Landers across it. Jordan got a lot of great gifts and is still playing/wearing them all the time. The only hard part of the day was getting Morgan down for nap, she just didn’t want to leave the party and we had to take Jordan to an Urgent Care. He basically had a cold that was draining From his eyes, so gross glad this didn’t last too long.


We had a great week! Hope you did too!

2 thoughts on “Planner Week 28

    1. I got this one at Target it’s a Sugar Paper Planner. And I think it would work great for someone who is in school. Let me know if you find one and if not I would love to see what you get for you school planner!


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