Planner Pages Subscription

I have been slowly putting together my own planner for the 2016 year and with each new addition I fall in love with it more and more. I have shard this process with you all every step of the way and have gotten some very positive feedback on it. Now what I would like to do is make this planner available in my etsy shop, to five lucky people and if this takes off I would like to add more.

How I would like this to work, and please if you have any advice you would like to give I will gladly take it, is you buy/pay the first installment (not sure on prices yet) which will include:
• a new mini binder
12 monthly dividers in an array of colors and patterns
12 monthly calendars on two pages that is hand stamped and washi taped by me
•the first two months of daily pages (Jan. and Feb 2016) or there could also be an option to put 2 days per page
Then each month around the 1st you can buy the next months worth of daily pages along with a planner related gift.

Since I have been thinking about this idea I have a few other options I am considering:
1. You could start using the planner now. which ever month you buy into the planner subscription I will send you the starter kit with the next two months worth of daily pages.
2. You could even start using this planner subscription after the start of the new year. Some of you may have already purchased and new planner that will last you another year, if all goes well I still may have this subscription running and and can take new subscribers as they come.
3. I could leave the pages blank and you can washi tape them yourself. I had fun stamping and taping my binder and don’t want to take all the fun out of keeping a planner.
4. The last thing I was thinking was to also offer a planner supplies option to my shop. I would put together little Sample packs of cute things you could use to decorate your planner.

So far this is all I have thought of. Again I would love any and all advice you have for me, and would this even be something ypu would be interested in buying.


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