Elementary School Days

Elementary School Days

Jordan goes back to school in less than two weeks, ever since I started this new job and have been taking Jordan to camp the summer is just been flying by.

I’m not sure if he is excited to go back, but I do know he is excited to be a 2nd grader. He looks so proud when people ask what grade he will be in and he gets to say 2nd grade. I don’t know what kind of homework he will be getting this year, but I do know that with each new school year we all will be spending more and more time on it. I have always had him do his homework on his own, I am around to answer any questions he may have and when he is all done I check it making sure he has answered all questions (if he is rudhing he tends to accidentally forget some) and if any are incorrect I have him go back and correct them and make sure he doesn’t make the same mistake.

He enjoys doing home but only if it doesn’t take too long. I may have to charge up how we do homework if it seems to be too much for him.

Last year he would get a work packet each week, that would include math and story problems along with a following directors coloring page. He would usually do that all in one day. He also had to read a short story every night and summarize the read. The finale piece of homework was to write in his journal 3 days a week writing 3 or more sentences each time.

This is him sitting in on a science experiment at the Nature and Science Museum

How is your family preparing for the upcoming school year? What was your family’s homework reutine last school fear? Do you think you will need to change it up this year? Why or why not? I could use some ideas.

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