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Learn (Five Minute Friday)


What will Jordan learn this school year? What will the rest of our family learn this school year?

Just because I passed 2nd grade many years ago doesn’t mean I know everything that he will learn this year. Each year these kid take on more and more, they are learning things that I didn’t learn until many grades later.

Sometimes I think it’s great that they are learning it now rather than later the yonger the student the more opened minded they are to new concepts. But then again these kid are still kids and they end up spending more time at their desk than they do playing and havinh fun while they learn with their friends.

I can’t control what goes on in the classroom but I can control how I run my house.

Let’s learn how to make school work fun and active.



6 thoughts on “Learn (Five Minute Friday)

  1. Great post! I agree. I miss the time where society encouraged kids to be kids and they fought to grow up faster. Now the kids are expected to do and know so much…it begs me to wonder where does their childhood fit in?
    Mine are now 10th and 8th graders…far past the 2nd grade. Hug him tight. Allow his childhood boyness to thrive. The world will squeeze it out of him soon enough… (HUGS)

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    1. So true. We just let him play and be silly all day and night. We just want to have fun and trust me when are learning along the way too. I know school isn’t like how it was when I was a kid, but at this point this is the best we can do.


  2. “I can’t control what goes on in the classroom but I can control how I run my house.” So true. Even though my kid’s aren’t yet school age, and we plan on homeschooling, this is still applicable. There are so many times that we can’t control the circumstances our children are in, but we can prepare them and ground them by providing them purpose, wisdom, confidence, and love at home. Thank you

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    1. Thank you, I wish you all the best when homeschooling starts for your little ones, I have little experience in teaching/helping with homework so I know that it will be tough at times but very rewarding g for both you and your children.


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