Planner Week 31

Wow the last week of July has Come and gone. That has to have been the fastest month so Far.

I have settled into my new nanny job and evening routine when we get home from work/camp. Jordan now has a chore chart, most of it is things he already does for himself I just don’t want to have remind every single day, and ways he can clean up after himself. The only thing he does for the family is help with picking up Morgan’s toys and wiping down the 2nd sink in the bathroom. This is also a way for him to earn money, which he can only have once he has taken care of his responsibilities. Jordan starts School in a few weeks and I will be adding homework to his list and that’s it. He may have less time for play once school starts but we will always have our weekends (we always take time off of our responsibilities then).

I am still trying to use nap time at work to do any crafting/blogging that I want to do because there just isn’t enough time once we get home. This means I haven’t been doing as much as I would like. This week I did a lot of cross stitching and that weekend I did 4 more pages in my Scrapbook that you will be seeing soon here.

Four out of 5 work days this week my husband didn’t get off until 1130 pm. His wearhouse has a lot of work to catch up on and he, as the assistant manager, is handling all of that. It was hard having to handle both Kids, dinner, and clean up all while they just wanted to play either with me or somewhere where I would have to go and watch them, which just didn’t work out. We made it through the week and hope we never have to do that again.



Hope your week was better!

How will You and your family be transitioning to a new school year I reutine?


4 thoughts on “Planner Week 31

    1. Yes it is tough, I have to do things their way unless I really have a better way of doing it and have to discuss it with the parents first. It’s hard but once you get the hang of things it gets more and more fun each day. Are you a nanny too, if so how long have you been a nanny?

      Thank you, glad you like my blog so far. Do you have a blog?… I guess I can just look for my self lol.

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