Toddler Days

Toddler Days

All I will say about Morgan this week is that I can not keep up with her mood swings. When it’s bad it’s bad and it seems to last for ever but when she is in a good mood I want to smile and laugh all day to the point that I am almost in tears. These are the times my family and I love with her the most, but they just never seem to last.

This was a great week with her. I have to keep this post short so I don’t miss any of these nice, relaxing, easy, fun times.

She looks for the red ones and when she sees a green one she says "Not ready"
She tries a tomato each time we go out to pick them, but she still doesn't like them.
Out picking tomatoes with the little girl we nanny

How is you toddler this Week? Are they approaching their terrible twos? Or do you think it’s their teeth, the summer heat, a full diaper, etc. I swear it’s always something with these kids ;).

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