Planner Week 32

We had a pretty regular week work/camp wise, what was out of the ordinary was some promising news we got about moving into a part of town we have been wanting to be in since the day we had to leave. Rent in this area and many others is just sky high and there is a limited number of 3 bedroom apartments, So believe me we are super excited. I don’t want to say too much more about it until it happens.

This weekend we did a bit of shopping. Jordan got some new clothes and shoes for school. He wears a uniform so it wasn’t that hard or fun to shop for his clothes. Don’t get me wrong I love that he wears a uniform it makes the morning much easier but he does get a little upset sometimes because he can’t wear his favorite shirts.

I am still going strong working on my blog during the first nap of the day at work and cross stitching during the second nap, but I think next week I will take a break from cross stitching to work on some other projets.


Glad this week went smoothly, hope yours did too!

How do you like the washi tape I picked out for this week?


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