Elementary School Days

Elementary School Days

Today is Jordan’s first day of 2nd grade. I took the morning off and my husband took the whole day off we always make sure to give Jordan our full attention and support every year on the first day of school. Meeting his teacher, seeing where his class is, seeing what the line up routine will be, and checking for friends from last year are the major things we are looking to do on the first day.

Last night went cery smooth. Both Kids ate all their dinner with a smile. Both kids got ready for bed without a fight. Both kids went down for bed super easy. While they were off being good my husband and I leaned/cooked dinner, we get twice the work done when we do it together (not only because we are both working but also because seeing each other getting stuff done pushes us to do more and work faster).

This morning went just as smooth. Jordan was so egar to get to School that he had a bit of road rage asking. “Why are these cars going so slow?,” “What’s taking so long?” But once we walked into he building it was a completely different story. He was walking slow, not talking as much, and had his head down most of the time. He perked up a bit once he saw some familar faces and met his super friendly teacher. Wow 2nd grade is here, can’t wait to see what this year brings us!


What grade are your kids in? How did their first day go? Was it as smooth as ours? Although I am Sure after the first week it won’t go this well.


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