DIY Mason Jar Bamboo Plant Decor

Do you own one of those twisted lucky Bamboo plants like this?

But you hate the planter that it sits in? This was me until a few days ago.

I got this bamboo plant a long time ago. I think at least 5 maybe even 6 years and didn it even mind the planter it was in until recently. It just doesn’t fit in with our picture frames and the art work we have around our room. I didn’t want to just get rid of it, not only am I too cheap to just trash it or replace it, but it feels like it’s another one of the kids. This is the only plant that has ever lasted this long. So I revamped it instead. This was super easy to do and it only took about 15 min. I put together this step by step tutorial so you can style up the plants in your life.

• Bamboo plant in an ugly out of style planter
• washi tape in coordinating colors

• Mason jars – mine are just spaghetti jars (basically free)

1. Use your washi tape to cover the mason jars. I did this one layer at a time in the middle flat area.

2. Pull the bamboo out of the original planter. In my case I had to pull up these rocks that were glued down over the top.
3. Pull apart each stalks of bamboo. This was pretty hard because the stalks were twist tied together And the roots were all twisted together.

4.Put a little bit of soil down in the bottom of each jar. This will help keep the bamboo stalks down in place.
5. Place each bamboo firmly down into the soil in each mason jar. Make sure the roots are as far down as possible to make sure they are able to reach the water you put in each jar.
6. Add some water and put them out on display.

Do you have any mason jar DIYs? Please post a link in the Comments below!


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