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DIY Customized White Alpha Stickers

I ordered the August Freckled Fawn Kit a few weeks ago and absolutely love every item that came in it. My favorite item though, are the white alphas. I love alphas period, because they are so useful when I am scrapbooking but because these ones are white I love them even more. I can add my own colors and designs to them.

Here is what they looked like before.

And here is how they look now. I can’t wait to use these.


I used my new stabilo pens to draw on these. But before I got started I tested them on a corner of the sticker page. I wanted to make sure the pens would’nt smuge and to see how long it would take to dry. Needless to say these pens worked perfectly on this sticker page. No smuging and it dried instantly.

Do you ever customize your stickers? Please leave a link in the comments below. I would love to see them.

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