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New Pens and Punches

I treaded myself to some new pens. I of course had to get the big pack.


30 of the Stabilo fine liner pens, 5 of them are neon. The neon pink one is my favorite. I love these pens so much, they are easy and fun to write with. I will most likely use these pens in my planner, to write up To Do lists, and to use in my scrapbook, but first I had to doodle with them just to get a tester for how each color looks.





These are the 4 punches I grabbed.


They were only $1.50 each what a great deal.  These will come in handy when I am scrapbooking. I was thinking that I can either punch holes directly into the page I am scrapbooking on or I can punch up all the scrap scrapbooking paper I have laying around and add them to the page either purposefully or sprinkle them confetti style across the page.

What new craft supplies have you gotten lately?


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