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Everyone Loves Our Family

Currently we live in an enclosed two bedroom apartment. With two kids now, one boy and one girl, we seriously need an upgrade in space. Our lease will be up at the end of September and we will than finally be moving into a 3 bedroom house in the neighborhood that we have always wanted to be in. This place is also much closer to my son’s school. This is all great news to us, but our current neighbor are sad to see us go.

I guess there aren’t many families like ours. The kind who loves to do stuff together all weekend. The kind who takes their kids outside not only to watch them but also to play with them. The kind who are helpful to the people around us, this is mostly my husband and son. The kind who is also friendly to those around us.


Our neighbors complement us weekly on the good that we do. They have even treated us to dinner, given us cash to make sure we are able to get out together, and have offered to babysit so we could have a night out. I have been busy pulling together thank you notes and hope to keep in touch with a few of them especially the friends Jordan has made, he really likes spending the whole evening outside with them.

It’s nice to be in a great loving family and to also have others recognize you for that, and to be a good example to those around up. What makes your family a good example to others? I know we are not the only ones.


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