Toddler Days

Toddler Days

Last week was Jordan’s first day of school. We all went to drop him off, my husband, Morgan (our toddler) and I. We always take time to devote the whole morning to Jordan on his first day. He went right into his classroom and sat at a desk like on old pro. The only one who was upset that morning was Morgan.

She doesn’t like the idea of Jordan getting droppeel of somewhere without her. She wasn’t too happy when we were taking Jordan to camp all summer either, but dropping him off at school was much worse for her. She actually got to go in and see the area he will be in all day, all the kids who are in the class with him, and all the cool stuff she would love to get into if she had the chance.

The drive to work was especially hard that morning. She whined about wanting Jordan, She whined about wanting daddy, she whined about wanting grandma, she whined about wanting to go to work to play with the little girl we nanny, and finally she whined about not getting to work fast enough.

I hope she gets used to our new routine, at least it should go better once she realizes we won’t be going up to his classroom very offten.

Morgan at her more happier times. Painting a train piggy bank. Two of her favorite things, trains and money.

Do you have a similar situation as mine? Where one child goes to school but the other one stays with you. How do they handle their sibling(s) getting dropped of somewhere without them? What do you do to distract them if it starts to get out of hand?


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