DIY Bra Strap Holder

After getting my first tattoo, which you can see here, I realized that none of my tank top straps match up with my bra straps. I really don’t care what people think about my outfit and I have had my tacky bra straps out for years but now that I have this tattoo, that I want people to clearly see, I need to get these straps out of the way.

I know there are strap holders that you can buy that will hold them in place perfectly, but I never needed them before and I really don’t need them now so I just couldn’t justify buying one. I didn’t even look into where I could get one or how much it would cost. What I did look into was what do I have around my house that is small and holds things together.

A paperclip was the first thing I thought of and it worked out just fine. All you have to do is slide both straps through one opening and around the curve of the paperclip. The problem with this method is when I gegt home and want to unhook the straps, it’s actually pretty hard to unhook from behind your back, but still not hard enough to make me go out and buy a fancy strap holder.

I continued to deal with this problem until one day I came across a safty pin. This works so much better. I can easily unhook the safty pin hold both straps together in the stafty pin and close it.

They both work to keep the straps in place all day and no one has ever noticed that I have been using a safty pin or a paperclip to hold my straps together, and my tattoo is clearly visable.

With straps

Without straps. It looks so much neater and look at my tattoo

I am always late with fashion trends and accessories and even when I do try them out I always do it my own way. Hope this info is useful to someone, I know I am always looking for cheap clothing tricks. Do you have any? Please post them and links if you have them in the comments below.


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