Planner Pen Test

I have now added in daily pages for the month of February in my 2016 planner. I don’t want to add anymore daily pages until I have used the planner for a few weeks and know whether or not I will like this set up, I have never used a whole page per day in a planner before but I am looking forward to having more room to write. My handwriting is not that big but could use the extra space so I am not pultihg too much time and effort into keeping my letters a certain size.

Anyway, I am getting off topic, with all the time I have put into making these pages I wanted to test the pens I plan to be using to make sure then won’t bleed through.

I was very pleased with the results

The pens I tested:

• Paper Mate Ink Joy
• Paper mate Flair
• The write Dudes Ultra Fine Gel
• Stabile Fineliner


See nothing went through!

If any of these pens did bleed through the paper I wouldn’t have been upset because, I can always find another use for them, I would just need to find some that didn’t.

What pens are you using/in love with right now?

One thought on “Planner Pen Test

  1. It’s funny, I base a good pen on if it will press through and how long it takes to dry before it smudges. Some pens take forever, and a day, to dry. For me that’s a useless pen all on its own. Like the pen test.


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