Doodles and Eggs

I had been talking about all the coloring and doodling I have been doing over the past few weeks…well here they are.




This has been a great relaxing relase for me over the past few weeks. My mind is not completly turned off though. I try to plan out the colors I will use and patterns that will work well together and I try not to let the same color touch its self ( I know this sounds like some weird OCD thing but it works my brain to really think and plan ahead).

I also did a little doodling not much but it’s better than nothing.

What kind of arts and crafts do you do to help you to relax? Please posts links in the comments section below if you have them.


3 thoughts on “Doodles and Eggs

  1. These are beautiful!
    I understand the planning of shapes and colours. I used to do large-scale colouring of random shapes like this, but stopped for a while. Since becoming ill a few years ago I’ve started doodling and drawing again in an art/gratitude journal. One of the things I’m enjoying learning is Zentangle, which is very meditative. My doodles and drawings are all over my blog. Here’s what I posted today: http://wp.me/p5JzjS-cN

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