New Items in My shop (Midori Travelers Notebook Inserts)

I have been wanting to get into book binding and I thought making inserts would be a good first step. I have already made a few and have 3 size options avalible and they come in many different colors and patterns.

This is the first one I made it is Regular size in red rose pattern on black paper. This one is unbound and if you are slipping your inserts under elastic it will hold it all down just fine, and when bound they look just as nice and neat

The sizes available (I can easily make other sizes too just ask):

Large- 5.5×8.5 inches
Regular-4.75x 8.75 incheS
Passport -3.75×5.25 inches

I am selling them in packs of 3 bound or unbound. If you already have a Midori cover and are looking for inserts you can get them here at a really good price. My next step is to make my own covers.

I have just sold one set today and cant wait to get some feedback on my items. I enjoyed putting g this order together and look forward to many more. Keep checking back in my shop I will be adding more items this week!


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