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DIY Printed Freebies on Cardstock

I found these great freebie printables over at Jumpy Jess’ Blog, which you can get here.  I fell in love with these journal type black & white printables because they are easily customizable. On Jess’ blog she shows you ways to decorate them when printed out on white card stock. I was a little lazy about mine, I just printed them on colorful journal cards in an array of prints and patterns that I get in my Messy Box (a scrapbook subscription that I get through

I did end up adding washi tape to the top and bottom of each card. I printed my favorite ones on both the front and back of each card. Then I hole punched them to fit in my 2016 planner at the beginning of each month. These can be used for extra space for To Do lists, a space to write motivational quotes or just more space to doodle.

Front of the cards
Back of the cards

Thanks again Jumpy Jess for these awscome free printables!

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