Elementary School Days

Elementary School days

We are a few weeks into the school year and we are already messing up.  Notes are coming from this teacher saying Jordan didn’t turn in his homework and when he did turn it in he didn’t finish it all/do it right.

This was in no way all Jordan’s fault.  My husband and I have been stressed out about our ongoing car situation and trying to figure out how everyone is getting too school/work, Jordan has even had to spend a few nights at his grandma’s house (she is a lot closer to his school).  It’s hard to keep up with everything when we aren’t always in the same place.

But when we do get together we can’t even get all the work done because we don’t know how his teacher wants the homework done and Jordan is no help because he only half listens to the instructions.  I have been trying to get in touch with his teacher (face to face seems to work best) but she always seems to be out.

This week we will get all this homework srted out that way the rest of the year can go smoothly no matter what comes up.

He decided to play on the preschoolers park with his sister this morning

How is school going so far with your kids?  What about the homework?


2 thoughts on “Elementary School days

    1. I still haven’t gotten in touch with his teacher, she always seems to be out. But I know how hard time management can be, especially when juggling work managing a house having a social life hobbies etc and then to add school to it all, sometimes I find myself just doing nothing as my To Do list gets bigger. Liked your last post on the subject.


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