Decorated Passport Sized Midori Travelers Notebook Inserts

Yesterday I shared a picture of the passport insert I made and how I decorated it after.  Here is the second one I made for myself and how I decorated it.  I still need to go back and make a title for each book. I used some of the scrapbooking cutouts I got in this months Planner Addict Box.



I have a planner and To Do lists that I carry with me all day everyday, but the problem I am having is that these places don’t hold permanent lists/notes.  Here is what u mean; I have my weeks on two pages and two pages for the month at a glance page after the month/week are over I don’t always go back and look at what I didn’t do or I transfer it over to the next month which is fine until that month is over and I may forget to transfer it.  Now with the note pads after I get to the end of the page I feel like I need to complete that before I can move on to the next because the more I move those pages around the more likely they are to rip off.

So I am putting together a few notebooks that will hold ongoing lists for certain things. I have been using these for only a few days now but I love it already. I sell these in my shop undecorated, please stop by and check them out.

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