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Planner Doodle Week 36/InsideOut Movie Review

This week we had a movie night with the kids.  We watched InsideOut, which was actually pretty good.  I didn’t think it was going to be as serious as it was nor did I think I would relate to it as much as I did.

As a child I moved around a lot.  Sometimes I lost parts of myself but would eventually find another new part of myself.  At any moment I could have let these moves change me forever, put me into a depression, cause me to turn against my family, or even try to run away.  But just like in this movie, when times get though or big changes happen you have to lean on your family to get through it.  Not sure Jordan got the complete message but it was plainly laid out for the viewer so I know he got enough.  I would recommend this movie to everyone of all ages but especially during times of big change with younger children.

Here is my doodle of the week:



2 thoughts on “Planner Doodle Week 36/InsideOut Movie Review

  1. I agree. I think it’s definitely a great film for children. Did you see the Pixar short at the start? I lava you? I have to be honest, I think that was my favourite part.


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