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October Planner Addict Box Unboxing

I have a few (4) subscription boxes that I get monthly. Three are for paper crafting (planner & scrapbooking) and the other is greeting cards (in hopes that I would put more time and though into the cards I give out and may be one day get into pen paling).

With that be said I have a lot of items coming in and I try to use as much as possible, but sometimes I take breaks from crafting and the items pile up.  I want to do these unboxing posts (and maybe one day move over to YouTube) to not only show off these great products that I get monthly, but also in hopes that if I tell you all the items I am getting that I better follow up with posts on how I used each item.

So let’s get started. This is only my second Planner Addict Box, I liked the first one but I love this one. I will put the items in order of favorite to least favorite.

American Crafts Zipper Pouch

I have been using pouches lately to house all of my on the go planner/writing supplies, so getting another one had me jumping for joy.


Studio Calico Heart Stickers

I will most likely use these in my scrapbook. I love the colors and the ones with news print are my favorite.

Dear Lola Paper Clips

These are pretty big but not enough to make them hard to use. I absolutely love the colors and sayings, it has a fall feel to it.

Project Life Midnight Edition (one 4×6 and nine 4×3)

These are great for lists and when I have checked everything off I can flip them over and use the other side in my scrapbook.

WendafulDesigns & Marebear Crafts Planner Stickers

I don’t normally use stickers in my planner, I tried a few months back but never followed through with it, but I will use these, there are only a few and they are fall themed, I better use them now or I can’t use them for another year.

Planner Addict Box Sticky Notes & Stylus Pen

I don’t really like the color of these sticky notes nor do I use this size of sticky notes often, so if I don’t use them in the next few weeks I will pass them down to my kids.
I love pens and this one is ok but it will never become my go to pen, again if I don’t start using it soon this one will go to my son who could use the stylus part with the IPad.

Project Life Neutral Color Washi Tape

I love washi tape but not in this color. The idea is to use it in layering (under stickers) I will give it a try but am not sure how much I will like it.

I hope you enjoyed this post and all my thoughts about each item in this months Planner Addict Box. I will keep you updated on how I use each item. Also I am only a customer and am not getting paid for my opinions of these items.


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