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Planner Doodle Week 39

I am finally on Instagram…well I have had it for a while now but just started using it this week. I love it. It’s just like having another blog, but quicker to get posts out. This might be why I haven’t been posting on were as much but I will hopefully pick that back up soon.

Social media really can be a full time job. I have a blog to post to at least 3-4 times a week (which includes crafting, writing, editing, and taking pictures, I also have to reply to comments as they come in). I am also working on new products for my etsy shop, and this is where Instagram has really helped. I try to post 1-2 times a day one of which being a craft picture or something related to the shop. I have comments here to reply to as well. It is fun but also not always easy and can feel like work.

Here is my planner doodle for the week:

This pattern was really hard to do, I made 3 mistakes, but it still turned out oK.

Plz follow me on Instagram and cheek out my shop…Links are below.




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