Elementary School Days

Elementary School Days

I haven’t updated on Jordan lately and I hope to do that more now that we have him in a new school. His start to the 2nd grade did not go as planned; for the last month at his old school he hasn’t had a permanent teader, he hasn’t been in his own classroom (sometimes he was in 5th grade classroom sometimes he was in the ECE classroom), and his school will be shutting down next year due to lack of attendance.

Let me start at the beginning. A few weeks after school started Jordan’s teacher broke her arm or had some sort of injury. We were never told specifically by the school what happened we got all our information from Jordan. She was supposed to return after two weeks but by the third week we finally relieved a letter stating that his teacher has resigned due to her injury and a new teacher will start the following week. During those 4 weeks Jordan had many substitute teachers, was placed in different clast rooms, and was never given any homework.

My son is a very smart kid and it was very frustrating to find out that he was not getting the 2nd grade education we were expecting we finally moved him to a thriving school that gets nothing but good reports.

Jordan would have ended up at this school next year anyway, so why not just make the move now. Jordan is very happy at his new school not only does he have a very nice teacher (one who seems very capable of helping Jordan achive the most but she also wants to communicate every step of the way) he also has a locker (which makes him feel very grown up) and gets to ride the bus.

We had a rough start to the year but I think it should be smooth sailing from here on out. How is the school year going for your kids or you?




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