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Scrapbook Saturday: What Does Ephemera Mean and what is it?

I haven’t Scrapbooked in a few weeks and have missed it very much (I need more ink). To help me get through this tough time z have been watching a ton of YouTube Layout Process Videos (I ill list links to MY favorite channels below). One term in these video that stood out to me was “Ephemera.”

I had never heard of this term before and the more I heard it the more I wanted to know what it waswhat it Ment. I did a Google Search and this is what came up…

“things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time”

This is so true of all the cute little add ons used in Scrapbooking. Once you stick it down on a layout you can’t use it again. I have noticed a lot of scrapbookers Who struggle with this by hoarding their special ephemera pieces for months, and this is probably why it was given this name.

Even though I have been Scrapbooking on and off for 7 years (mostly off) there are still many terms and technique that I don’t know. So until I start Scraping again I will sharing the new terms and techniques I learn.

Favorite Layout Process Videos:

Ashley Laura

Polly’s Papercrafts

Candace Perkins

Claudia Van R

Do you have an original way OF scrapbooking or something new you have tried? please share a link below. This could be links to posts or videos, I would love either.




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