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Elementary School & Toddler Days 2015 Halloween Costumes

My family and I had a great Halloween. I just wanted to pop in real quick to share how it went and what the kids dressed up as.

This Halloween Jordan chose to dress up as a werewolf. This is probably the scariest costume he has ever picked out. Last year he was a vampire and we used red paint to add “blood” around his mouth but I think the mask is a bit more scary.

This is only Morgan’s 2nd Halloween. She went as a Devil, which is exactly what she has been lately. She loved the whole costume, but her favorite part were the gloves. She looks so Cute in her costume, I took a few pictures but the focus was off so I will have to try again another time.

This was all I was able to get, I guess Devils don't like their picture taken

We started our evening off with decorating pumpkins. We tried to melt crayons over the top of them but it took too long we were only able to get half of them done, but the ones we did get done looked amazing.

Then we went out trick or treating for about an hour. Usually we do more but since we had gone to my mom’s job the evening before, we just didn’t need to collect that much candy. It was so nice out that the kids didn’t even need to wear their jackets. Morgan wanted to go up to every single house, I wanted her to do every other one because she was so slow, but she caught on and wound yell “wait I want to go to that one.” Jordan was the first to say he was ready to go home. I think he realized he had collected enough candy and was ready to sit down and grub.

How did your Halloween go? Got any super cute or unique costumes to share? Post four links below.




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