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Scrapbook Saturday: Small Scrapbooking Haul

I have been watching tons of Scrapbook Layout Process Videos, I linked my top faves in my last Scrapbook Saturday post. Something I noticed is that some scrapers scrap their black & white photos. I printed 7 pictures in black & white and can’t wait to get back into scrapbooking. How silly of me to think my pictures had to be in full color.

But before I could get started I wanted to pick up a few small scrapbooking items I have seen people use in their process videos, I also grabbed a few small items that were either super cheap or on sale and were just too hard to pass up. More on those later lets start with the big stuff first.

I got a fuse tool!!! I picked this up at Michale’s for $15 normally $30, but I had a 50% off coupon. I am looking forward to making my own photo/journaling card pockets as well as some shaker pockets. This is something I have wanted/needed for months, so I am going to be using this item first.

I picked up some dementional adhesive dots. I want to use these to add shadowing behind my photos and other embellishments. Most of the embellishments that I have are flat and when I add dementional embellishments one side of the page is puffed up, I would like to even my page out.

The last “big” item I got were a package of doilies. I am going to try layering my photos on different papers and I love the look of slipping a doilie behind it all. I am not sure why I like this look but I do and can’t wait to try it out.

Here are the smaller items I picked up.

These are from Hobby Lobby

These are from Target

Layout pages coming soon.




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