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November Planner Addict Box Unboxing

I got my Planner Addict Box in the mail s few days ago and was just able to pick it up yesterday. I am in love with every item in this box and just like last month I will list the items in the box from most favorite down to least favorite.

1. Wrapables Masking Sticker Set- This is my first set of masking stickers and it’s a big one, 27 Sheets, 10 pieces each. I love these and can’t wait to use them either in my planner or scrapbook.

2. Jack & Ella “Planning is What I Do Best” check list pad (50 sheets and a good size). Who doesn’t need more list pads? I love the last checked item “Rock My To Do List.”

3. American Crafts Library Tags- These would be great for scrapbooking. I can journal on the card and slip them into the pocket, that I could also decorate.

4. Planner stickers by: Oh Hello Sationary CO., The Everyday Planner, and The Papered Lantern- Even though these are 4th on the list I will be using these first. I had fun adding these kinds of stickers to my planner last month and was looking forward to doing it again this month.

5. The planner Addict Box Sticky Note Pad – last month these were further down the list but after giving them a try I really liked the size and have found many uses for them, glad to have more.

6. Crown Pen- This pen is super cute, makes me want to add a pen loop to some notebook so it can be displayed, but just like last months pen his will never be my go to pen.

7. Bonus item coupon to the things on Toast a planner design studio – I probably won’t use the code but it has month at a glance calendars that will come in handy in my 2016 planner.

8. last item-Original Gourmet sucker – I have not been a big candy fan lately so I will have to pass this on to my son.

I love this box and am already looking forward to next month’s.




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