Scrapbook Saturday

This is my first week back scrapbooking, I took about two months off, I wanted to start trying out the tools and techniques my favorite scrapers use (you can see a full list in one of my previous scrapbook Saturday posts).


I used my new fuse tool this week and because this was my first time I wanted to keep it simple. I fused a line down the middle of the page, one side is slightly smaller than the other, this was done on purpose.

Most of the items I used came from my monthly subscription kits (Messy Box & Freckled Fawn). Since I use multiple kits and some items I get from local craft stores the colors don’t match perfectly, and I am okay with that. What I do is pick 2-3 Colors to focus on and pick out items that I think will work well together. The color scheme for this page is Blue, Orange, and pink with hints of other colors found in that colorful number paper.


On the right side of the page I did some hidden journaling. I used a journaling to write out what this picture means to me flipped it over and attatched it with some washi tape. I used a bunch of arrow stickers o high light this area.

I made my own banners for this page, I made sure to use a number 2 from the leftover paper because this picture is of Morgan’s second birthday.

Thanks for stopping by, see you next week!




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