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Scrapbook Saturday

This is the other side of my fused page from last weeks Scrapbook Saturday, I used my fuse tool to make to long vertical pockets one side it slightly slimmer than the other (done on purpose of course).  

The picture I used this week is also from Morgan’s birthday, this part of the day is her giving out special birthday kisses.  The color scheme for this page is Blue, Pink, and Red.


This week I did some stamping, I haven’t used any of my stamps really since I had put together my 2016 planner.  I used my corner scattered dots stamp in blue.  I really like how this small element added so much to the page and helped to tie the two sides together.

I also used my stamp pads to add some color to the wood veneer stars that go diagonally across the page (another element that helps tie both sides together).

I used embellishments that came from my Freckled Fawn kit and m Messy box kit, both are scrapbooking monthly subscriptions.


I clustered most of my embellishments around the top right of my picture and placed the journaling close to that corner on the left page toe draw your eye to the middle to make sure you know to look at both sides.

I also used a speech bubble sticky note to add in some more personal notes about the day that I didn’t have tiny word stickers for.

This doesn’t have as many embellishments as my last one or the next few, but I still like it just as much.

Thanks for stopping by see you next week.

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