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Planner Doodle Week 42

This was Morgan’s Birthday weekend.

She had so much fun the whole weekend.  We all went to Chuck E Cheese, not my favorite place in the world but the kids love it so I am slowly getting over this feeling (I actually had fun the last two times that I went). Morgan played a few games, but she likes to watch the other kids play the most.  We played for about 2 hours, came home for a short nap, then had dinner, cake, and gifts.

Morgan was really only looking forward to her cake (it’s what she ask for as a birthday gift), the presents were just icing on the frosting on her cake.  For a full week after she kept saying it was her birthday and demanding more cake.

The other special thing this week was the Etsy listing I updated on my planner Dividers.  There is now more sizing options available and they are more customizable, please check them out link below.

Now for this weeks doodle:

I drew some balloons and streamers for Morgan’s birthday, she turned 2 but I also wrote 5 because that’s how old she tells people she is.


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