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Planner Doodle Week 44

This week was Sprit Week at Jordan’s school.

Monday-School Colors


Wednesday-Wacky Hair

Thursday-Career Day (missed because of Dr.’s appointments)

Friday-Halloween Party wear costumes

This was also Halloween weekend. The kids got so much candy, we still have a ton left.  The day before we went to my mom’s job where they got more than half of their candy.  Then on Halloween we went around the neighborhood for about an hour.  Jordan called it quits first, I think he realized he had enough candy and would like to get back home to get started on it.  Morgan on the other hand could have stayed out longer.  She kept saying “I want to do this one,” to every house we would pass.

Then on Sunday I got a call from an old family I worked for last year.  They wanted me to nanny for then again, couldn’t have come at a better time.

Now for this weeks doodle:


This is a spider wed I drew to celebrate Halloween.  I saw this doodle on Pinterest and just had to try drawing it myself.


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