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Elementary School Days (school motivation)

Jordan gets weekly spelling tests at his new school. At first he was doing okay, missing no more than 5 out of 22, but then slowly he started missing more and more until he was barely getting half correct.

I was not a good speller in school and still struggle with it to this day, so I didn’t give Jordan too hard of a time for getting the words wrong. But then it hit me I want better for my son. I started to put me time and energy into helping hin study these new words. But that only helped so much

Then one day Jordan sent a picture of a Snoopy figurine set to his dad, asking if he had enough money for it. His dad said you know what I can make sure I have the money for this toy if you can get 100% on your next spelling test. The next two days we practiced his words more than ever and he got them all correct, and again on test day.

He was so excited and proud of himself that he nearly cried. He was able was able to get 100% on his test, he got his toy, and his test will remain on the fridge as a reminder to him that he can do anything he sets his mind to.

Now he will want to get a toy every time he gets a 100% on a test but he won’t because we know he can do it when a toy is on the line but I bet he can do it even if there is not, he needs to find the motivation within himself to always do his best. But when he can’t we will be there to give him motivation.


How do you motivate your child(ren) to put more effort, time, and energy into their school work? Or are they motivated internally?(they get good grades and always try their hardest because it makes them feel good)


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