Toddler Days

Target Toddler Haul

I had to make a Target run for the little girl I nanny, she was out of diapers.  Of course being at Target or any store for that matter I left with more than just what was needed.  I found some cute toys for Morgan to share while we are at work and a few other things that Morgan needed/wanted (but are still considered necessities to me.

Let’s start with the fun stuff.  In the Target dollar spot there are a bunch of felt activities.  I picked up the money set and felt activity book with buttons, a zipper, Velcro, and lacing to develop fine motor stills.  These were $3 each and the girls played with them all day.  For older kids there was tic tack toe, counting, and a memory game.  The felt used to make these activities are of good quality, nice and thick and the stitching looks like it will hold up as well.

Now for the wanted necessities. I grabbed some Johnson’s baby body wash and lotion in the Honey Apple sent.  I originally was just going to get one of each but then I noticed that I could get a free $5 gift card if I just buy one more and since I know we go through lotion faster than body wash I got an extra lotion.  It smells so good and Morgan hasn’t gotten new wash in a long time, next time I will have to get Jordan some more soap/shampoo he is almost out.

The PJ sets were on sale.  They were $12 for a set of 2 so I got 3 sets for Morgan.  I got one of them a size to big to make sure at least one set will last longer than a year.  If you get these just be carful because a lot of them were missing a piece or two and are listed for the same price.

I treated Morgan to a Peppa Pig shirt.  I usually don’t get character shirts because the kids always go through favorite characters and shows to quickly.  But Morgan has been into Peppa and her brother George for a while and her jaw dropped as soon as she saw it.

The last thing I got was a 4 pack of toothbrushes.  I don’t know about your toddler but mine can really got through toothbrushes.  I brush her teeth twice a day and she brushes after for a minute or two, but I think she does more chewing than brushing.

This was our little haul, I am happy with everything that we got and can’t wait to make a trip out to Target just for Jordan.



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