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2016 Planner Walk Through

I have been only been using my homemade 2016 planner for a week now, I took a two and a half week planner break.  I couldn’t stand the planner I was in any longer, it even gave me negative feelings toward my future planner.  But I finally got over that and am glad I did.  I love my new planner even more than I thought I would when I first put it together six months ago, I guess I truly knew what I wanted/needed in a planner back then.

I want to do a walk through of how it turned out and how I have been using it over the last week.

For starters I made my own cover.


I used some heavy card stock with hand written script that says “my happy place, oh happy day, and happiness is homemade,” I used alpha stickers to spell out Plan 2016. All of the items used to make this cover came from my Messy Box. I love that if I get board with this cover I can just slip it out, make a new one and slip that one in.

The first thing that you see when you open up my planner is the January divider.



I have one for each month and I think I will just rotate them to the back when the month is over so the current month is always in front.  All my dividers are different and I love them all but if I ever need to make new ones I think I will do all floral.  I have these listed in my shop if you would like some for your planner.  I can customize them to any size you need just shoot me a message.

When you open up the divider there is an over all TO DO list on a 4×6 card.


They are double sided free pintables that I got from Jumpy Jess’ Blog.  Not sure what to write here but I think they are so cute either way.

The next two pages are a month at a glance.


This will be great for scheduling appointments, birthdays, and days off of work/school.  This is also where I will add my reading list for the month, crafts to focus on, and major craft items to buy.

The rest of the pages are daily pages.


Each day has its own page and is split into two parts right down the middle.  The left side of the page is for my TO DOs of the day.  These will be color coded just like in my old planner (blue is for regular TO DOs, pink is for craft TO DOs, and purple is for social media TO DOs), but the difference here is that they will be separated and in a certain order (blue, pink, then purple) this make it easier to see what I need to do when I have time to get something done.  I try to do my Blue TO DOs first.

The right half of the daily page is the notes section.  This is where I will write down how the day went, any fun things we did, new changes in our daily routine, if anyone is sick, etc.  I like to look back sometimes to see how we have changed in a month and if we need to get out and do stuff more.

And that’s it.  I kept it simple and love the set up.  Not sure if later on down the rode I will want to add a section just for TO DOs or notes, or separate sections just for the blog or Etsy shop, but if I do I have the room to add those in.

Is there anyone else out there who has made there own planner?  I would love to check it out, please leave a link in the comment section below.


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